Bron Broen OST «Saga returns» by Patrik Andrén (from «The Bridge‎» Season 4 Soundtrack

Bron / Broen (The Bridge)

Season 3 - Jump to the latest episode > Bron / Broen (aka The Bridge) Season 3 Songs by Episode E1 | Avsnitt 1 0 Tracks 0 Questions September 27, 2015 A famous danish gender debater and owner of Copenhagens first gender neutral kindergarten is found murdered at a construction site in Malmö.

Bron Broen OST «Saga returns» by Patrik Andrén (from «The Bridge‎» Season 4 Soundtrack

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"BronBroen" fourth season Emotional roller coaster with a satisfying ending to an awesome TV

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The Bridge (Bron / Broen)

0:00 / 5:17 Choir of Young Believers - Hollow Talk + Lyrics (from Bron/Broen) Cooper Johnston 1.19K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 1.1M views 6 years ago Lyrics to Hollow Talk by Choir of.

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Bron / Broen (aka The Bridge) Soundtrack. September 28, 2011 | 3 Songs. Follow. All Seasons-Jump to the latest episode > Bron / Broen (aka The Bridge) Songs by Season. Season 1. 10 Episodes. 1 Track. September 28, 2011. Season 2. 10 Episodes. 1 Track. September 22, 2013. Season 3. 10 Episodes. 1 Track. September 27, 2015. Season 4. 8 Episodes.

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Bron / Broen (aka The Bridge) Soundtrack. September 28, 2011 | 3 Songs. Follow

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Bron - Broen - The Bridge. 131,276 likes · 4 talking about this. Official fan site for BRON / BROEN / THE BRIDGE Instagram: thebridge_official

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The body of a woman is found in the middle of the Øresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark. Half the body belongs to a Swedish politician and the other half to a Danish prostitute. A bi-national team of inspectors is put together to solve the crime: laid-back Danish family man Martin, and Swedish single Saga who puts facts above empathy..

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Bron/Broen (The Bridge), a co-production between Sweden's Sveriges Television and Denmark's DR, along with the German network ZDF, has given us two superb series and a third that surely ranks.


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Big food is ruining the environment. So there you have it. "The Bridge" is essentially Nordic Noir defined. Not only did the series help popularize the Nordic Noir TV genre, it inspired five remakes around the world: US/Mexico ("The Bridge," 2013) France/Britain ("The Tunnel," 2013) Russia/Estonia ("The Bridge," 2018) Malaysia.

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Bron/Broen (Obviously) The Tunnel The Bridge (US version) I don't think anything can top the original, Sofia's portrayal of the female lead and the production of the show. Nothing can top that Nordic Noir feel. I miss it so much! This show and its characters really impacted me. In saying that, I know others may not have enjoyed it, but I really.

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The Bridge ( Swedish: Bron, Swedish pronunciation: [bruːn]; Danish: Broen, Danish pronunciation: [bʁoːn]) is a Nordic noir crime television series created and written by Hans Rosenfeldt. A joint production between Sweden's SVT and Denmark's DR, it has been shown in more than 100 countries. [1]

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Bron/Broen (20112018)

1 0:47 The Bridge - Bron / Broen Trailer Nordic Noir & Beyond • 644K views • 11 years ago The Bridge (Danish: Broen; Swedish: Bron) is a Scandinavian crime drama television series,.