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Ursula is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a random character in Grand Theft Auto V. Character history. Ursula is, in 2013, a resident of Blaine County living opposite the El Gordo Lighthouse. During her youth, her mother forced her to dress as a boy, locked her in the basement and shaved her hair.


There are two special girlfriends in GTA 5. Ursula can only be seen in a random event. Meanwhile, Liz Macallen only shows up in a private taxi fare. Franklin has access to both, while Trevor can.

Ursula GTA V Guide Grand Theft Fans

GTA 5 how to get a girlfriend (GTA V Franklin and Ursula). In this Grand Theft Auto 5 video you'll find out how to get a girlfriend in GTA5. You can complete this secret mission.

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Ursula Krieger, a character of minor significance in GTA 5, appears in a Strangers and Freaks mission. T his middle-aged woman has a pale complexion and brown hair. Due to her mental health struggles, she is often found wandering the woods near Mount Chiliad. Ursula is known to have an eccentric personality, fascinated with death and the macabre.

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Grand Theft Auto V How do you get Ursula to spawn? rigice 10 years ago #1 I know the location you meet her at, but I've been driving up/down/sideways all night and day now. In this save file.

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How To Get A Girlfriend in GTA 5! (Trevor and Ursula) Madd Trevor 1.55M subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 33K 1.9M views 4 years ago 1 product GTA 5 - How To Get A Girlfriend! (Trevor.

Ursula Grand Theft Encyclopedia Fandom

Ursula in GTA 5. Ursula is a minor character in GTA V. She is part of a random event - Hitch Lift 2. Ursula is a character portrayed to be mentally ill. She can be picked up by Franklin or Trevor to be dropped home at El Gordo Drive, Blaine County. She is then available for booty calls where the player takes her home.

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I found her on a trail in Mt. Chiliad. Camera J. Put your weight on it. Pirate_Wolf_12 10 years ago #3. South side of the mountain, north of the Alamo Sea. It's near the tunnel that links Grapeseed to Paleto Bay, around a road with a really sharp turn. She's near a pile of logs.

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0:00 / 1:01:32 GTA 5: Find Ursula! Complete guide! 90% of players don't know this 😮 Totally Random 349 subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 2.8K views Streamed 3 years ago #ursula #GTAV A big.

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The fourth person you bring will be the final one you need to bring to the Altruists. Ursula can be used here. The drunk people don't really give you anything special for dropping them off where they ask, just some petty cash. The Altruists will give you $1k per person, much more then they give. 3.

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Ursula | GTA 5 Characters Guide, Bio & Voice Actor Ursula GTA 5 Characters Guide, Bio & Voice Actor Ursula appears as a Minor Character in Grand Theft Auto V. Ursula is a random encounter in northern Blaine County, along North Calafia Way, south of Mt Chiliad, being a hitchhiker looking for a ride home.

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'GTA V' Lore: Ursula CHARACTER Ursula Biographical information Full name Ursula Nationality American Status Determinant Date of death 2013 (player's choice) Home El Gordo Drive, Blaine County, San Andreas Family Unnamed mother Main affiliation Trevor Philips (boyfriend/optional) Franklin Clinton (boyfriend/optional) Vehicle (s) Surfer (possibly)

GTA 5 How to Get a Girlfriend (Trevor and Ursula) YouTube

Ursula is a minor character in GTA V who appears in the second random hitchhiking event. Upon interacting with her for the first time, you will be able to tell right off the bat that she is not okay in the head.

Ursula GTA V Guide Grand Theft Fans

When is Ursula available? I'm trying to 100% GTA V and I need to complete a booty call. I found Ursula and brought her home and got her number as Franklin and tried to call her and she was busy.


Grand Theft Auto V Occupation Hermit Powers / Skills Seduction Intelligence Hobby Having sex. Eating soup. Goals Kill her gardener and a random man. Get a ride from Franklin Clinton or Trevor Philips (both succeeded. Crimes Murder Torture Mutilation Animal cruelty Cannibalism (implied) Serial killings (implied) Matricide (heavily implied)

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updated Nov 3, 2016 advertisement This Random Event is located at a dusty intersection of south Mount Chiliad and western Grapeseed. A young woman is hitchhiking and needs a ride back to her house..