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Get some slick Seventies style inspiration from the best-dressed men of the decade | See the best-dressed men and strongest looks of the 1970s, including Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Gianni Agnelli.

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SHOP THE LOOK 70's Outfits Ideas When it comes to creating a chic outfit, the '70s are a great source of inspiration. Thanks to the diversity of fashion in the decade, the '70s have something for everyone. All you need to do is pick the style that best suits your personal tastes.

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Corduroy Reiss Percival One of the biggest 70s trends - and arguably the most wearable - is corduroy. Like many 70s styles, its rise comes from a rejection of the relatively flat, pedestrian fabrics used in the 60s. Corduroy was bold and packed bags of visual texture in the form of its raised wales that run vertically down the fabric.

Men's apparel clothing collection. edgymensfashion 70s fashion men, Menswear, 70s inspired

Throwback to the 70s party outfit with wide-legged pants, tight tees, platform boots, and cool jackets we can still imagine the entire outfit and people still love dressing up that way, which has inspired today's fashion.. Whilst missing the 70s men's fashion, designers have started picking bits and pieces of the greatest clothing decade and thus have helped men's clothing to evolve.

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'70s disco dudes built on the Peacock Revolution of the 1960s, strutting the dance floor in all the trappings of the neo-dandy. Long hair, ruffled shirts, and gold jewelry were cultural mainstays. Jumpsuits and platform boots were popular with both sexes. Even hot pants were a perennial favorite. 1970s Men's Jumpsuits

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The 70s silhouette is back with a vengeance, spicing up today's scene from luxury brands such as Gucci to more affordable stores like Zara. Stylish jackets featuring wide lapels and flared pants are all the rage again, channeling men's 70s outfits and proving this decade can't be tamed regarding its individuality and character.

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The 1970s was the era of macho men's fashion, also called peacock fashion, because men dressed up to show themselves off. Exaggerated bell bottom pants with a big belt and a satin shirt was one classic 70s look. Corduroy pants with a knit striped shirt was another casual outfit.

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Like 70s women's fashion, typical 70s wardrobe staples for men included bell bottoms, wide-leg pants, platform shoes, vests, tassels, fitted leather jackets, long-collared shirts, tight tees, turtleneck sweaters, etc. Let's look at them in detail. Early '70s Men's fashion

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Bright Colors. Bright colors were also a big part of 70s male fashion. Whether it was casual 70s outfits or any formal wear, bright colors would always be there to make your outfit pop and give it its unique identity, the signature of the 70s style men. The vibrant part of the spectrum was used in 70s men's clothing, in tops, pants, or even.

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Flared Trousers: Flared trousers were one of the defining fashion trends of the 70s. These trousers featured a wide flare at the bottom, and were typically worn with high platform shoes. Wide-Collared Shirts: Wide-collared shirts were a key item of 70s fashion for men. These shirts featured large, pointed collars that added a touch of drama and.

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The fashion breakthroughs that began for men in the late 1960s continued into the 1970s. Advertisement. For years, men's fashion changed very little. Hair styles changed more than clothes, and most differences you find are subtle. Starting in the mid-60s, men's pants became more slim fitting. This was a huge departure from previous years.

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In the 1970s, men's outfits were distinctive and stylish. Men opted for all sorts of color in their clothes. They used to wear clothes that were not too tight or too loose. In general, the pants' length was also very long and went down to the ankle. The shirts were wide open, and they had no buttons or collars.

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Corduroy If there's a fabric more inherently seventies than corduroy, we're yet to hear of it. "Plush, feel-good fabrics such as corduroy are having a resurgence this winter and can be worn as a.